Designed by RPM Proget Studio, Maestro Bistrot in Rome is located near Opera Theater and at the base of a four-star hotel. Bistros are usually lively, loud spaces, but this 125-square-meter bistro’s location in a high-end hotel meant keeping noise to a minimum was a particular concern for the design team. The desire to control noise informed the design team’s material and furnishing decisions, so marble tabletops, bistro chairs and tiled areas are balanced by natural materials like wood as well as upholstered banquettes and chairs. 

The design is a mix of authentic, rustic elements — particularly the wine display areas — and rich materials and finishes. 

The bar is a key design highlight and the illuminated front is a vibrant green that evokes the same feeling as the live plants. The use of different sizes and colors of tile to frame both the bar and the open kitchen creates a warm, layered aesthetic. 

The floors are covered in an antiqued and rough-sawn parquet. An abundance of living greenery — plants dot the space — serves to create a fresh, pleasant environment while providing natural sound absorption.