Established in Paris in 1920, Petrossian specializes in upscale food products including spices, smoked fish and, most famously, caviar. Estimated to be responsible for 20% of the global caviar market, Petrossian’s latest shop and tasting room in Paris sets a backdrop for memorable experiences served in a setting that exemplifies modern, casual luxury.

Designed by Studio MHNA of Paris and Shanghai, in collaboration with Silvie Marechal and Beau & Bien, the 100-square-meter boutique offers a mix of classic materials and contemporary character. The design strikes a balance between shop and restaurant, while being luxurious but approachable.

The exterior is covered in the brand’s signature color, Prussian blue. As guests step into the space, they land on luxurious ivory and green terrazzo tiles, which are most often found in historic Italian palaces. The luxe aesthetic continues throughout. Decorative pillars are covered in gold aluminum mosaic tiles.

The caviar display serves as the centerpiece of the boutique. The front of the counter features tanned and textured sturgeon skin set in Prussian blue lacquered frames. Above the caviar display, a custom chandelier features a school of 78 tiny Limoges porcelain sturgeon that swim overhead. Behind the counter, a custom cabinet displays the different formats of stacked caviar tins and a collection of vodka bottles. Additional display cases showcase the brand’s specialties.

In the tasting room, the design’s inspiration came from the brand’s iconic caviar tins. Guests settle into cozy dark blue velvet booths. The walls, constructed of burnished oak veneers, feature a graphic of blue waves that crash just above the velvet seats. Studio MHNA commissioned artist Antonin Lamoot to create a reproduction of the iconic rough sea that adorns Petrossian’s signature caviar tins to create this installation.

Images courtesy of Studio MHNA