Outdoor dining areas have been very popular in recent years, allowing restaurants to add to their seating capacity without an expensive building project. But making room for outdoor seating isn’t enough. The space needs to be comfortable and usable for as much of the year as possible.

That’s where roller shades come in. They are a great way to increase comfort in outdoor spaces by reducing glare and helping mitigate extreme temperatures. But there are many types of outdoor shading available – which is the best for this application?

Here are five reasons we believe the Draper® FlexShade® ZIP is the perfect shading solution in outdoor dining spaces.

While there are reasons to choose different products in different situations, for most applications the FlexShade ZIP® is the best choice. Here are five reasons why:

Draper-ZIP-CloseupIt keeps everything out.
Outdoor shades require support for the fabric panel so it doesn’t blow in the wind. A side support cable system is one way to tackle this problem but leaves gaps on each side of the fabric. Insects, small birds, and small animals may be able to get through those gaps, as can rain or direct sun. The FlexShade ZIP fabric is retained inside side channels, leaving no gaps.

It has been wind tunnel tested.
Eleven total FlexShade ZIP and ZIP XL units were tested at the Wall of Wind in Florida. Two units made it up to 145 mph and one even survived to the maximum speed of 150 mph! Only one unit did not make it well past 100 mph, failing at 95 mph. (152.8 kph). Based on the overall test data we believe the FlexShade ZIP can safely withstand wind speeds of up to 100 mph. However, we recommend raising them at much lower wind speeds because of the possibility of damage from flying debris.

It is UL Listed as a complete unit.
More and more local inspectors insist that all products on a project be UL Listed. That’s why Draper sought and achieved UL Listing. It’s easier for dealers and installers to provide local authorities with the assurances they seek, and it gives homeowners peace of mind that the product isn’t a fire or shock hazard.

No worries about obstructions.
You’ll never need to worry about debris causing a shade to stop descending even while the motor continues to dump fabric off the roller. The FlexShade ZIP uses an obstruction detection motor. As soon as the hem bar touches an obstacle, such as debris, customers, or kids, the motor stops.

We give you choices.
The FlexShade ZIP is available up to 16 wide and the XL version up to 25 feet wide. Three styles of headbox let us better match the surrounding area. We offer six standard hardware colors plus custom powder coat colors. Hundreds of fabric choices are available from American weavers Phifer and Mermet USA in unlimited custom colors as well. And the ZIP can be controlled by everything from a wall switch to a handheld remote to a building automation system!


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