MTS Celia ChairThe rich look of these Special-Lite teak stained AMP wood grain doors creates a warm and welcoming entrance.

When the time came for a major renovation and redecoration at Bravo!, a successful independent restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the owners wanted to create an inviting and relaxing ambiance appropriate for the establishment’s discriminating patrons and fine bill of fare. An exposed east-facing entrance meant that selecting exterior doors which could provide the look and feel desired, while still delivering long life and easy maintenance, would be no easy feat. Fortunately, once the requirements

had been defined, the solution also became obvious — the Special-Lite SL-19 AMP Wood Grain Door.

The SL-19 was the perfect choice to provide the warm appearance of wood, without the upkeep of real wood. Teak wood stain and realistic wood grain texture on the AMP face sheets created just the right greeting for incoming guests. Custom arch-topped vision lites with applied muntins added a final touch of elegance.

These doors have been a big hit with the restaurant’s owners and guests, and other restaurateurs as well. Special-Lite has since been asked to quote exact replicas of these doors, right down to the custom pulls!

Corrosion Resistance Lets Bravo! Salt to Taste

MTS Celia ChairEastern exposure puts the entrance to Bravo! in direct sunlight for nearly half of the day, which is no problem for the SL-19. The rich look of these Special-Lite teak stained AMP wood grain doors creates a warm and welcoming entrance.

For buildings that welcome the public in northern climates, sidewalk de-icer and road salt are facts of life several months of the year. Class I anodizing of all aluminum surfaces and easy-cleaning AMP face sheets on the SL-19 provide the corrosion resistance necessary to keep doors looking like new for years, even when exposed to direct sunlight and harsh weather. The doors at Bravo! were installed in 2002 and still look as good as the first day they arrived.

Good Taste is Appreciated Everywhere

In addition to appearing in Special-Lite product literature, a photo of the Bravo! entrance was provided to the publishers of Doors and Hardware magazine and was selected for the cover of their January, 2004

issue. The cover of that issue has since been used on a promotional postcard mailed by the publication.

Apparently, the publishers of this trade journal are as proud of our SL-19 as the folks at Bravo! And SpecialLite are.

Custom Solutions to Suit Any Theme

Special-Lite supplies custom doors for a wide variety of themed restaurants, national retail chains, worldfamous theme parks, zoos, convention centers, and other retail and entertainment facilities. We can provide oversize doors, curved doors, custom vision lites, custom colors, and much more; all with the durability you would expect from a Special-Lite Door.

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