With today’s ever changing foodservice environment, being nimble pays off. As a result, providing versatile equipment enables restaurant operators to adjust service and offerings as needed.

In the front of house, providing self-serve options or manned food stations provides the ability to easily expand food options with a weekend brunch, extensive salad or hot bar or enticing action stations. Space-saving serving stations can make this happen more seamlessly.

During and following the pandemic, expanded outdoor dining has become the norm for an increasing number of restaurants. This makes sense, since by expanding seating capacity and adding more customers, revenue also increases. According to a 2021 report by the Washington, D.C.-based National Restaurant Association, 35% of operators that offer outdoor seating say it accounts for more than 40% of average daily sales; 15% say it accounts for 70% of daily sales. For most, this means creating an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable outdoor dining area will provide a good return on investment. 

Having modular enclosures and barricades helps segregate the exterior while also providing decorative elements that add to the ambiance. Planters are ideal for these areas and can either be incorporated into the barricade or serve as additional barriers to give diners more privacy. Along with seating and tables, including sturdy table umbrellas will provide shade and protection from the elements.

Whether used indoors or out, durability is a key requirement for flexible dining components to ensure these hold up to the restaurant’s volume as well as the outdoors.

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