Remodeling is an effective way to stay current and relevant in today’s ever-changing foodservice environment. Experts recommend updates every five to seven years not only to remain updated but also to replace worn and tired decor and equipment.

Keep in mind that it’s best to close completely prior to a remodel as staying open requires costly and time-consuming reassembling and cleaning in between work time and opening, which can cause delays in the project. 

There are a few rules of thumb to ensure the process goes seamlessly. Most importantly, there should be a detailed schedule and timeline to ensure the project stays on schedule as well as on budget. The earlier the planning process, the better, especially with today’s supply chain challenges. It also allows time to hire the necessary help and obtain the required permits during the contractors’ bidding process. Also, working backwards from the designated opening day helps in scheduling all aspects of the remodel.

Experts recommend setting achievement goals for the design team as well as detailed deadline dates for each facet of the remodel. There should be collaboration with everyone involved to keep problems to a minimum.

Reopening plans also need to be factored in. Plan for the big reveal with a momentous grand opening that is highly publicized via signage, along with traditional and social media. This should include promotions and other incentives for customers.

Renovating and refreshing are about aesthetics, with a focus on enhancing the customer experience.

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