Nathan's Famous

Fast-food hot dog chain Nathan’s Famous developed a new prototype that modernizes the chain’s appearance while offering historical architectural detailing.

"The blending of old and new materials will give our restaurants a bit of historic charm while creating a modern, current experience," says James Walker, senior vice president, restaurants.

Styled after the modern New York City Loft with high ceilings and open spaces, Nathan's design commits to an architectural style that harkens back to the buildings of the early 1900s. Inside, the restaurant will feature a mixture of black steel beams and industrial-style windows, cement floors and communal tables. The decor will highlight vintage New York elements like mosaic and subway tiles and period black and white photos next to contemporary paintings of New York themes.

The new design, like Nathan's Famous and New York itself, represents a combination of old and new, greatness from the past combined with an excitement for now and the future. "As customers line up to order, they will pass glassed-in display grills cooking signature items like our hot dogs, cheesesteaks and burgers,” Walker says. “We intend for them to see the pride and care with which their food is prepared."

Nathans interior rendering

The flexible new store prototype can work with sites both large and small, including both nontraditional and traditional locations, according to a release.

Nathan's Famous is currently holding a search for its first corporate location featuring the new prototype. Search efforts are underway in the Tri-state area for a stand-alone site with drive-thru.