In an attempt to boost brand awareness and generate catering sales iconic Chicago restaurant chain Portillo’s set up a pop-up shop in a suburban mall.

The Portillo’s Experience features a series of photo-worthy exhibits and interactive elements.

 Portillo's Pop-UpThe French Fry Room, for example, features cheese sauce dripping from the ceiling, life-sized plush French fries, and a neon sign proclaiming, “I Only Have Fries for You.”


Portillo's Pop-UpGuests can cozy-up on a hot dog-shaped sofa created in conjunction with Vienna Beef.


Portillio's Pop Up Shop Photo OppsA trio of photobooths allow fans to dress-up as their favorite Portillo’s menu items, with costumes replicating the chain’s Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and chopped salad.


Portillo's Pop-UpOther design elements include scratch-n-sniff wallpaper and a gallery wall featuring Chicago and food-inspired works from local artists.


The Portillo’s Experience also offers guests the chance to place catering orders. Restaurant representatives are on hand to consult on orders.