Readers of restaurant development + design were split on what current design trend is overdone right now.

Open/visible kitchens topped the list of overdone restaurant design trends for 30% of survey respondents.

Maximalism is over, according to 28% of survey respondents.

And localization in chain restaurants is an overdone trend according to 27% of respondents. This was a hot topic among readers who noted: “We are still seeing localization desires from clients, but it may be playing out.” Another said “localizing the restaurant and bar is good but a mural featuring local landmarks is dated.”

The rest — 15% — offered up a wide range of restaurant design trends they think are overdone. Here’s a sampling of what other trends are overdone right now: great design but poor service, overly branded visuals, undersized dining rooms (too many seats for the space), hanging flowers or plants from the ceiling, overuse of plants in general, neon signs in front of faux greenery, and the use of QR codes at full-service restaurants.

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