The rd+d editors rounded up a few of the most popular (and most Instagrammable) bars from our 2020 feed.

Deep Dive, Seattle

Deep Dive is a sophisticated, richly textured bar space inside the Amazon Spheres. It features an array of artifacts that make it feel like a curated cabinet of curiosities. 

Hammer & Nail, Detroit

Hammer & Nail is cocktail bar with a decidedly mid-century modern aesthetic. The centerpiece of the design is the neon light display behind the bar, which features a hammer striking a nail.

Animae, San Diego

Animae is a Japanese-enchanted forest-art deco mash-up is a Japanese-enchanted forest-art deco mash-up, and the 20-person bar at Animae provides a feast for the senses.

Estadio, Charleston

Inspired by Spanish culture, the design team at Estadio chose a color palette of bold pops of red and Talavera-like wall tiles to complement the space’s intricate metal design and warm wood tones.

The Tenderloin Room, St. Louis

A mainstay of the St. Louis fine-dining scene for decades, The Tenderloin Room has recently refreshed their style (while maintaining original elements like the stained-glass ceiling.)

Astoria, Washington, DC

Astoria is a craft cocktail bar/Sichuan restaurant. The operation’s look takes inspiration from a number of sources, from passenger train cars to early 20th century New York City to Chinese design.