Located at the upscale Centro Comercial Costa Marbella shopping center, Palocortado Marbella in the Málaga province of Spain is a luxurious restaurant space designed by the Málaga-based Paco Lago Interioriza team. 

The restaurant provides an upscale oasis for guests at the busy shopping center. Marbella is known for its beaches, nightclubs and dining scene, all of which play host to wealthy guests on holiday. The design of this outpost of Palocortado caters to locals and tourists alike with a luxe and layered interior that is both sophisticated and relaxing.

Design Notes

Panels in the walls provide visual interest with natural shapes in warm woods — a nice biophilic element in a cozy interior space.

The ceiling offers both visual interest and noise mitigation. The motif repeats on the walls, providing a sense of intimacy and a residential scale. Blue tufted banquettes provide cozy dining nooks throughout the main dining area. 

Images courtesy of Fer Gómez and Alba Urbano