Designed by Uilliam Lamberti with Megre Interiors for Ligarest LLC, Sartoria Lamberti is a 3,175-square-foot Italian restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Moscow where fashion and food go hand in hand.

The restaurant combines a fashion museum and an on-site working tailor shop. The walls are adorned with dressmaking patterns, and famous movie costumes are displayed behind glass, on loan from the archives of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. Pierce Brosnan’s Brioni tuxedo from “Die Another Day” and Ava Gardner’s dress from “The Barefoot Contessa” are among the treasures on display. Even the waitstaff wear custom-designed Gennaro Annunziata uniforms.

Brass pipe lamp fixtures are layered overhead. Lighting is staged so that the atmosphere changes throughout the day. In the morning and afternoon, the space has soft, warm lighting. In the evening, low light sources are employed behind furniture to create a romantic, dramatic atmosphere.

Images courtesy of Mikhail Loskutov