In the last year and a half, Dimplex’s outdoor heating line has quickly evolved from a new and growing category to a rapidly expanding juggernaut.

dimplex dgr32wng ls2 300dpiThe powerful DGR Natural Gas Heater warms an area up to 16’ x 16’.To assist hospitality property and restaurant owners and their designers in specifying heating systems for their outdoor dining spaces, Dimplex has launched a design services program. This planning service ensures the correct heating solution is specified to keep outdoor spaces at comfortable temperatures even in the colder months.

Dimplex’s series of electric and gas products cover the gamut of heating needs and installation types and help operators specify the right solution, whether it is for an outdoor covered dining space, a restaurant’s bar patio and everything in between. Providing design services allows owners and designers to plan out precisely the outdoor areas they’d like to offer to their clientele and to maximize use of their space and thereby profits. Available fuel supply and the regional climate also determine the kind of heaters that are specified.

“We’re offering design services where we work with the project specifier to plan the right heat coverage, taking into consideration structural design, electrical or gas supply as well as the desired end-user experience,” says Dimplex Marketing Manager Gary Kraemer. “It’s easiest to start in the design stage, taking the layout and power requirements into consideration, but creating a heat plan can be done post construction, as well.”

dimplex dir30 wall mounted ls3 nopeps 300dpiThe sleek, electric infrared DIR heater provides full heat in under 8 seconds.Dimplex’s versatile installation types include wall-mount, ceiling-mount and freestanding, plus well-designed accessories that help access architectural challenges. Customers can choose from hard-wired or plug-in electric units, natural gas heaters or portable propane options. While fuel choice is influenced by availability, the regional climates also come into play. All products are designed to withstand the elements, including extreme cold, wind and rain.

The company’s newest line, the DLW radiant electric heater is ideal for fine dining operations and any space where elegant, discreet heaters are preferable. This unobtrusive heating solution produces comfortable infrared heat that does not blow air but instead warms like the sun.

Dimplex’s powerful DGR Series includes a space-saving, wall-mounted natural gas model and a portable propane option. Both are highly durable, providing versatile placement for a variety of uses.

The stylish DSH infrared line from Dimplex uses a reflector to keep the heat where it’s needed most without a customer-facing heating element. The company’s most versatile product can be installed as a single or double unit and can be floorstanding, wall or ceiling-mounted.

Dimplex’s DIR infrared series is a go-to for full exposure in outdoor spaces that are totally open to the elements. With its high water tightness rating, this model can handle all weather conditions. It also features a stylish, black glass front, which protects from bugs when it’s not in use. A combination of wall- and ceiling-mounted options are available. The new DIR plug-in unit allows owners to quickly add heat where it’s needed. Sleekly styled with a modern design, this heater’s infrared heat keeps patrons warm and comfortable throughout their dining experience.

For outdoor comfort that is inconspicuous, Dimplex has heating solutions for any space.