Q&A with Karl Kothmaier, president, Peter Meier Inc.

Q: Why are Peter Meier table bases suitable for the front of the house?

Karl Kothmaier: Our table bases are stylish, attractive and convenient for permanent positioning or storage. From vintage to modern, we have a wide selection to suit any establishment. Each unique table base is cast-iron or stainless steel, with custom color powder coating black matte wrinkle finishes, round or square, for outdoor/indoor use. And the pedestal design affords plenty of leg room underneath the table base.

Q: What are the qualities restaurant operators should look for?

KK: Our table bases, which assemble quickly and easily, are adjustable, durable and made from superior quality materials. Heavy duty and long lasting, the bases are easy to level or can be bolted to the floor with optional stainless steel rods and hardware upgrades for added stability. Leveling options include glides, shox and PronToe®.

Q:What are the best material and design options?

KK: Options include:

  • Cast iron with crossed, round, decorative or ornamental base plate designs
  • Powder-coated steel for indoor/outdoor use, round or square flat profile designs, custom color options, stamped steel with round and crossed profile designs
  • Stainless steel made from #304 outdoor grade materials with round and square flat profile designs
  • Aluminum, including Tulip and crossed designs with custom color options