Founded in North Dallas in 1998 III Forks originally was lauded for its over-the-top steakhouse experience. The brand, which moved to Frisco, Texas in 2020, has decided to return to its North Dallas roots with a location in Addison’s Village on the Parkway.

The team at Consolidated Restaurant Operations (CRO), parent company of III Forks, partnered with hospitality branding and design firm Harrison for the new location, which is expected to open later this year.

“We want III Forks to be relevant and meaningful to each successive generation of steakhouse diners from baby boomers to Gen Zs, to the generations yet to come,” says Curtis Osmond, president of III Forks. “In Harrison, we found the perfect partner to create a compelling design and brand-defining guest experiences.”

CRO worked with a team led by Cal Young, Harrison’s vice president of design, to create a refined, contemporary brand. Starting with the brand’s logo, which seeks to celebrate the subdued masculinity of the steakhouse with a sophisticated twist on the classic, a theme that is carried throughout the space.

A dramatic entry features a folded metal panel screen artistically rising above a contemporary wood and glass façade.

“We were actually able to use the name of the restaurant as part of the architectural inspiration for the design,” explains Young. “The dramatic vertical metal sculptural element is stacked in threes, and as the panels fold, they reflect light and energy.”