As part of a brand refresh that kicked off last fall, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes plans to open up to three drive-thru locations by the end of the year. This development comes after MOOYAH renovated 5 locations in 2020. The chain plans to renovate 10 more this year.

MOOYAH is scouting locations in three different markets for the better-burger chain’s inaugural drive-thru units. The company feels prepared to begin testing drive-thru service after making some key updates to both labor and infrastructure that helped reduce guests’ wait times.

For example, MOOYAH invested in scheduling software to allow locations to better coordinate and deploy team members during peak times. “We have spent a lot of time trying to identify those times that are crucial to have the right people in the right places at the right times,” says Tony Darden, MOOYAH president. “It’s paid off in shorter wait times for our guests.”

Additionally, MOOYAH introduced a kitchen display system, achieving better communication between cashier and kitchen, with the additional benefits of creating a quieter environment and increasing kitchen output and order accuracy.

A third important part in the brands’ ability to meet the production demands of a drive-thru was its investment in equipment that cooks burgers at a faster rate, as well as heats up faster between orders.