Buffalo Wings & Rings, a Cincinnati-based elevated sports restaurant franchise, is launching its first location featuring the brand’s revamped “G4” bar and restaurant model. Debuting in September in Milford, Ohio, the new design was developed based on months of consumer research in order to provide guests with a club-level experience that appeals to evolving consumer demands.

“Our vision is about championing the everyday,” says Buffalo Wings & Rings’ CEO Nader Masadeh. “Getting together doesn’t have to be these big moments, it can be a quality meal with friends and family. That’s what makes the good life, and really what we’re hoping to achieve with this new bar and restaurant concept.”

The design features a new valet pick-up area, making it easier for customers to enjoy the brand’s menu via delivery and takeout. With a valet point at each store, all a customer has to do is drive up and employees will walk the food out to them.

Additionally, a “Beer-Me” area of the new prototype has been designated as a fast-casual hangout zone. It features a redesigned patio and fire pit, a lounge and a U-shaped bar with surrounding TVs and foosball tables. New self-service digital ordering points in the Beer-Me area invite customers to order at their own pace, allowing for a fast-casual dining experience while watching the game or spending time with friends. The location will also offer a wide variety of local and regional beers to pair with their menu offerings. Limited-time local beer menu rotations will also be available to highlight the restaurant’s community feel. 

We’ve done our research to ensure our restaurants have the community vibe that our customers are looking for,” says Diane Matheson, Buffalo Wings & Rings vice president of marketing and branding strategy. “Our new restaurants will have that in-the-community feel. In the entryway of every store, we’ll hang franchisee stories and photos of local sports teams to bring a piece of the community back.”

In the coming months the brand plans to add new wing flavors and sandwiches to its menu while also introducing a digital platform that allows guests to check-out from their table and call their server with a push of a button.