Famous Dave’s opened the first of its smaller footprint prototype restaurants in Uptown, a commercial district in Minneapolis in December. The new restaurant is approximately 3,000 square feet, (compared to the average 6,500–7,000 square feet of previous iterations) and features a bar-centric environment and compact dining area.

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The restaurant also features technological innovations such as tabletop ordering and digital kiosks in an effort to appeal to a younger demographic. The location focuses heavily on its off-premises delivery and catering business, which was previously a large aspect of the brand’s former Uptown location. The chain is also focused on creating a different experience for guests by introducing activities such as trivia, game nights and karaoke, while continuing to implement the same core values that Famous Dave’s has held for 25 years.

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“We’re excited to explore this new concept, which allows our brand to operate from a smaller space with a bar-centric atmosphere, resulting in a comfortable and fun local hangout,” says Jeff Crivello, CEO of BBQ Holdings Inc. “Our team is looking forward to this initiative in which we will capture efficiencies in occupancy costs, labor, and an abbreviated menu of our legendary, core BBQ.”

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Famous Dave’s parent holding company, BBQ Holdings Inc., which recently opened its Clark Crew BBQ restaurant concept with partner Clark Championship Products LLC, is looking to open five to ten of these smaller footprint restaurants by the end of 2020. The brand is also looking to implement a drive-thru to continue the emphasize convenience at its existing stores.