Market researcher Mintel released its four key trends set to impact the US foodservice market in the coming year.

  • Co-op Cuisine: The high cost of entry for new restaurants will drive chefs to concept test in shared spaces.
  • The Need for Speed: Time-strapped diners value convenience and affordability more than ever and operators will respond by leveraging technology advances, all in the name of food — fast.
  • Foodceuticals: The intersection of food and function will become more apparent as menu items focus on consumers' well-being from the inside out.
  • Feed the Feed: The blurred line between social media aspiration and reality will keep challenging foodservice operators to create a menu that can live up to both expectations.

“While the dining out landscape is in a state of continual evolution, what is clear is that Americans want innovative and convenient dining out options that are nutritious, but also enjoyable to eat and photograph,” says Amanda Topper, associate director, foodservice research at Mintel. “In the year ahead, expect to see operators across segments shift to meet diners' various needs as speed, innovation, and category competition become more pressing in 2018 than ever before."