The Krystal Company, known for its square hamburgers, opened a new restaurant prototype, the Davenport, in Marietta, Ga., which prominently features a clock tower to remind guests the restaurant is open 24 hours.

After more than nine months of research and design development, the remodeled restaurant features a bright color scheme, LED lighting and an enhanced digital menu board. It pays tribute to one of Krystal’s founding members, Rody Davenport Jr., long-revered for his commitment to quality food and the guest experience.

“The public’s response to our remodeling effort has been exciting and gratifying,” says Brian Blosser, vice president of construction and development at The Krystal Company. “We’re planning on moving forward with the Davenport design in future locations, and replicating the anticipated success in select additional markets.”

Founded in 1932, Krystal has more 350 restaurants in 11 states.