Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen announced that it has completed rebranding efforts on its 96 corporate-owned stores. This project included changing the company’s name and signage from its previous identity, Cheddar’s Casual Cafe, as well as a redesigned menu.

“With the rebrand, we hope to reinforce the basic principles our company was built on: simple, honest and natural ingredients,” said Cheddar’s President and CEO Ian Baines. “While our guests have always enjoyed eating with us, the new name, logo and menu style help clarify what we've always believed — scratch-made food just tastes better, and our guests are worth the added effort.”

While the rebranding didn’t include an overall redesign, the company did add a video monitor to its waiting area, where scenes of scratch cooking play on a loop.

According to Baines, most franchisees will continue operating under the Cheddar’s Casual Cafe brand, though new restaurants can be built with the Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen name