In many instances, a new restaurant design prompts the operator to update its packaging. But Tropical Smoothie Cafe plans to turn this process upside down.

As part of a system wide rebranding efforts over the past year, Tropical Smoothie Cafe worked with Charlotte, N.C.-based design firm Starr Design to revamp the brand image and company logo as well as packaging for take-out and other materials.

The new designs will showcase the chain's motto "eat better, feel better" and Tropical Smoothie plans to release them in 2016. Doing so will set in motion plans for a new prototype design as well as operational enhancements. Starr Design will also work with the smoothie chain on rolling out the design changes to its franchisees.

Tropical Smoothie will use the new design on its Styrofoam and reusable cups, sandwich wrapper, lunch box, and to-go bags.