Luneurs in Shanghai, China, is an all-day French brunch concept that grew out of the Luneurs bakery and ice cream shops chain. Shanghai-based hcreates designed the 230-square-meter space located on the second floor of a popular shopping destination.

Referencing traditional French elements and forms, the interior palette mixes both traditional and modern materiality. Rough cut stone slabs form monolithic counters. Providing a contrast to the counters, lightweight brushed stainless cabinetry offers a contemporary tone. The use of timber, marble, sheer curtains and cane provides warmth and tradition. Clean lines, soft fabric hues and onyx add a light and refined touch.

Function and flow were equally important to the design process and were the starting point of the layout. The cabinetry was custom designed to fit the space and complement the food concept. A large plate preparation counter faces out to the dining area allowing the customer to view the energy and detail in the arrangement of the small plates and trays.

The acoustics were carefully considered and integrated into the design. The large central columns were wrapped with a coconut fiber material — both sound-absorbing and sustainable — and the ceilings were treated with wool fiber spray and baffles.

Design Notes:

  • Floor-to-ceiling timber shelving curated with French food and curios line the counter area. 
  • A large hanging garden creates a rich and tranquil ceiling of flora above soft pink onyx tables.

Images courtesy of Brian Chua