Despite mobile ordering and off-premises dining becoming increasingly common, not all designers are developing kitchens with higher volumes in mind. In fact, 50.6% of restaurant development + design readers survey respondents said they were not designing or planning for more high-volume kitchens across a variety of segments. In contrast, 36.1% said they were designing for higher volumes. The remaining 13.3% said it depends on the project.

“Depends on the type of restaurant,” said one respondent. “Some have been geared more at fast-casual and have not indicated a need to increase kitchen volume where more traditional restaurants have.” Another respondent noted that “most brands are looking to incorporate more flexibility into kitchen design in order to be able to change gears between on- and off-site dining services.”

rd+d launched a yearlong research project that will periodically survey qualified subscribers on the state of restaurant development and design. Each issue in 2021 will feature new data collected from very recent reader surveys.