Doi Moi

Opened in September 2020, this 4,500-square-foot restaurant evokes a French Vietnamese street market. Originally designed by GrizForm architects and re-designed by DesignCase, the space features a vibrant bar and formal dining room outfitted with reclaimed wood banquettes, black-and-white patterned tile rattan window covers and hanging plants alongside pink, deep teal and bright yellow accents. Outside on the patio, there is a walk-up bar with counter seating, a breezy trellis, floral fabrics, colorful yellow and pink frames and basket-woven and stained-glass fixtures. 

Images courtesy of Doi Moi 


Restaurateur Juan Manuel Barrientos opened this Colombian-inspired restaurant in September 2020, adding to his collection in the Elcielo group, with locations in Colombia and Miami. All restaurants in the group feature plants and neutral colors as well as leather, wood and gold in a blend of both raw and more polished form. This location, designed by DesignCase, also features photos of Barrientos and his family to create an intimate dinner party ambience as well as fashion books and Colombian handicrafts. A terrace offers outdoor seating, the main dining room seats 60, and a fine dining room offers seating for 20.

Images courtesy of Jennifer Chase 


Opened in February 2020, this 5,400-square-foot contemporary American eatery designed by KNEAD Hospitality + Design and //3877 seats 108 inside and 82 outside on a wraparound patio that offers stunning views of the Potomac waterfront. The polished, mid-century modern design features sophisticated Miami influences including plush banquettes, poured terrazzo flooring and rose gold accents. Soft colors like the pale pink on the ceiling combine with bleached oak, handmade tiles and copper accents to define the lightness of the overall space and contrast darker walnut paneling. The open display kitchen showcases a modern wood-fired grill. An illuminated interior trellis — crafted from textured wood and flanked by a decorative wine wall — connects the two dining areas. These areas are also defined by curvilinear banquettes that create comfortable, intimate seating while simultaneously dividing the open expanse of the restaurant. Cove lighting accented with rose gold paint creates a shimmery, incandescent effect reminiscent of the ocean sunsets that surround Miami.

Images courtesy of Rey Lopez

Immigrant Food 

Opened in November 2019, this 2,400-square-foot restaurant was designed by DesignCase to reflect the immigrant communities in America with a mixture of Middle Eastern/Bedouin-style. The interior is decorated with fabrics and rugs from around the world including India, Anatolia, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. Tiles were selected to evoke South American countries and cultures. Basket weave pendant lights pepper the ceiling. Natural light floods the space via floor-to-ceiling windows. The palette is a mix of burnt orange, teal green and brown colors. Other design details include a micro-gallery of framed photos, a custom-made world map and an open kitchen that allows a view of Executive Chef Enrique Limardo and his team at work. 

Images courtesy of Immigrant Food