Rail Stop Restaurant Bar 03 Credit Peter Vanderwarker Photography

Located just steps from the Boston Landing commuter rail station, Rail Stop Restaurant & Bar is a new full-service establishment that offers a mix of classic and modern New England cuisine.

Rail Stop is the latest offering from Beauport Hospitality Group, who pulled together the team of Beacon Architectural Associates, Windover Construction and interior designer Peter Niemitz to create a project from the ground up that has an ambiance that is as much of a mix of classic and modern New England as its menu.

The 10,000-square-foot restaurant seats 219 guests in its main dining room, 60 outside, 30 at the bar, and 30 in its private dining and bar area.

Rail Stop’s interior features custom high-end vintage finishes that pay homage to the 20th-century railroad boxcars that once chugged through Boston.

Rail Stop is the first restaurant to open at Boston Landing, a 14-acre mixed-use development that will be home to office, retail, restaurants and residential units as well as serve as the practice and training facilities for the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics.

Photos by Peter Vanderwarker

Rail Stop Restaurant Bar 02 Credit Peter Vanderwarker Photography