Transform your dining venture with green living walls from greenscreen®. Choose between our Classic Rectangular Planter and our streamlined Café Series with planters and benches. The fiberglass planters and greenscreen® trellis panels can be placed outdoors and indoors with some sunlight to add beauty and create healthy spaces with greenery. A range of colors, finishes and sizes are available to revitalize any space into your vision of living art. Rethink how to achieve social distancing goals and offer aesthetically attractive dining offerings at the same time.

greenscreen® offers several visually stunning solutions and innovative products to bring biophilic design to your space. Our trellis panels can be attached directly to a building wall, and they can be freestanding. These welded-wire panels weigh less than a pound per square foot and have a 3-inch thickness, ideal for growing vines up from the ground to populate the panel without adding much weight to the building envelope. greenscreen® trellis panels can be customized to meet many types of project requirements; they can be cut at angles, notched, curved and corners can be mitered.

greenscreen® has been innovating since 1993, leading the industry in green façade solutions, creating three-dimensional living masterpieces from metal, plants and wire, changing the way you experience the everyday. Owned and operated in the United States, greenscreen® is helping to create a greener, healthier world.