Mexican-themed pizza chain Pizza Patrón announced that it is resuming franchising after shutting down franchise sales in 2013.

The company decided to suspend its franchising operations to get a better handle on “the standards of operation, the quality of the products and service.” The company also sought to improve marketing execution and more efficiently police Pizza Patrón’s branding and trademarks.

During the franchise sales hiatus, approximately 30 percent of Pizza Patron’s then-existing stores closed down. The company added corporate locations and some units with existing franchisees. Pizza Patron now has 95 restaurants system-wide.

“Over the past three years, our aim has been to create a strong company culture focused on adherence to a tried, true and proven system,” said Victor Vazquez, vice president of Business Development for Pizza Patrón. “Our company has never been healthier and our entire system is completely on board with getting it right at our stores.”

This new franchising push will initially focus on Texas, Arizona and Chicago. The chain hopes to open 60 new stores in the Houston area and 10 in Dallas.