Beef a Roo Makes Wisconsin Debut with Innovative Location ConceptQuick service beef-and-burger franchise Beef-A-Roo debuts the brand’s new modular container concept. Image courtesy of Beef-A-RooQuick-service beef-and-burger franchise Beef-A-Roo is moving into Wisconsin with the help of the brand’s new modular container concept. The franchise plans to open three new restaurants in Beloit, Janesville and Monroe.

Beef-A-Roo is a family-owned franchise that has been operational for more than 55 years and currently operates 17 locations across Illinois and Missouri.

Responsible for Beef-a-Roo’s franchise rollout and growth plan is Next Brands, a family-owned strategic manager for franchise brands. Together, they plan to offer franchisees modular, low-cost shipping container locations that are designed to be fully operational with only three to four employees.

​​“We are excited about our continued growth and cannot wait to introduce new guests to Beef-a-Roo in Wisconsin,” says Next Brands President Austin Capoferi. “With the inventive modular locations, it has helped us be more strategic in our growth and expand to new markets effectively. With the three new locations, it will offer guests a unique dining experience mixing the history of Beef-a-Roo with the cutting-edge modular restaurant.”