Automated pizzeria, PizzaForno, is expanding into Georgia. The first of three new Georgia locations is opening in Atlanta’s popular Buckhead neighborhood, with two additional locations expected to open around the Atlanta area later this month.

PizzaForno offers guests a fully automated vending machine experience that is accessible 24/7 at the tap of an on-site digital screen or app. Franchisees Tyler Young, Paul Nair and Mick Patel are responsible for the Georgia expansion and plan to open five additional units throughout the year.

“One of the biggest issues I’ve seen with all my time in the restaurant industry is labor retention,” says Young. “With PizzaForno, we solve that problem. Not only are we offering a high-quality, fresh product, but we are able to offer it 24/7 without worrying about staffing.”

PizzaForno currently has 61 operating locations in North America with the first 15 U.S. locations already established in Michigan, Texas and Louisiana. This is the brand’s first location in Georgia.