QSR Church’s Texas Chicken is on track to open 20 new restaurants in Canada in 2021 and has plans to open 40 additional units in 2022. Canada ranks as one of the top three markets for the company outside the U.S. 

"We entered Canada in 1978, and our commitment to the market has proven to be fruitful," says Brian Gies, global chief marketing officer for Church's Texas Chicken. 

In addition to opening new restaurants in Canada, Church's Texas Chicken has made efforts to reimage some existing restaurants to have them feature the brand's latest upgrades, technologies and design enhancements that reflect the brand’s latest iteration.  

"We are especially proud of our team of franchisees in Canada that are growing our brand aggressively, even during these challenging times. We have added new franchisees to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.  We will focus on Manitoba and the Maritimes next!”, says Russ Sumrall, SVP, international strategic development.

The chain currently has locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Church's Texas Chicken and its sister brands, Church's Chicken and Texas Chicken, have over 1,500 locations in 25 countries and system-wide sales of more than $1 billion.