Iowa’s first nonalcoholic bar, Unimpaired, opened in Davenport, in September. With all of the amenities — a bar, a pool table, jukebox, darts, karaoke and trivia — but none of the booze, Unimpaired promises a space where fun is never foggy and memories made are meant to be remembered clearly. 

“We are giving people a healthier solution, helping them achieve the same sense of belonging that alcohol promises,” says Co-Founder Amber Haines. “Camaraderie and a sense of belonging in a booze-free environment creates a sense of belonging and strength in numbers, whether it’s at a sober bar or on an lnstagram page. What we have created here is an environment, one in which alcohol isn’t involved. That’s the only difference from any other place. I personally don’t drink, I’m not in recovery, I just prefer not to do it. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to go out and dance, sing karaoke, play trivia, shoot pool and be social. I don’t believe that alcohol has to be involved for one to be social.”

Unimpaired serves an extensive selection of unique nonalcoholic cocktails as well as many favorites using nonalcohol substitutes. The bar also offers pizza and salads.