It’s difficult to peer through the fog of uncertainty surrounding our collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic to see exactly what the post-crisis world will look like. Even the most fundamental aspects of our everyday lives — like school and work — are being subjected to profound changes as a result of the upheaval that we have all experienced.

What is fascinating to watch is how the seeds of change that were already in the air have taken hold and quickly moved from left field to mainstream. Online learning isn’t new, but our reliance on it over the past several months has forever changed its place in the education system. Working from home isn’t new, but now that we’ve been forced to embrace it where possible, it will likely change the traditional office setting in profound ways moving forward.

For restaurants, delivery and off-premises dining aren’t new trends, but, even after COVID-19, they will likely account for a significant portion of the revenue streams that many restaurants depend on for survival.

Another restaurant trend that has been unfolding for a while but has gained steam as a result of this pandemic is the move toward a smaller footprint. In this issue, Dana Tanyeri does a marvelous job of outlining both the reasons behind and the challenges with this move in her article.

The examples go on and on from every walk of life. It is amazing how quickly we can adapt to change when it is the only option.

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