Boca Raton, Fla.-based fast-casual Miami Grill announced a new prototype in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that does not include a dining room. Instead, it focuses on pickup, drive-thru and takeout.

The due diligence period has been completed for this new offering that is in direct response to what the company believes will be an altered business environment in a post-COVID-19 world, according to a release.

Miami Grill had been working on the new offering even before the pandemic crisis but has fast tracked its development, called the Express Double Drive Through model. It seeks to maximize revenue streams with the additional of a double stack drive through. It also showcases ordering ahead for curbside pickup with the Miami Grill app and online ordering as well as all major third-party delivery platforms, catering via an alignment with Ezcater and a pickup window for pedestrian traffic. It will also offer a model that has a small inside area for customer ordering and pickup. In alignment with this streamlined model, there is no dining room.

“We believe this model will be a big part of our future growth and provide an excellent value investment option that will appeal to a broad base of those seeking a resilient business opportunity,” says Robert Haar, vice oresident, Franchise Development.

The express model features a prefabricated building process and a lower initial investment requirement that provides a faster ROI and construction phase, according to the chain. The units will open in a much shorter period from start to finish and require less capital to complete.

“Given the smaller footprint and the efficiency and streamlining of the prefabricated building process, this new model will open the investment opportunity at a much lower cost than the traditional model,” says Haar.