Well, that’s the goal, right? This is the time of year when businesses large and small try to peer into the future and form an idea about what the coming year will hold.

For us, here at rd+d, that planning starts a full year in advance with the development of our editorial calendar. Once Editor in Chief Rebecca Kilbreath and Editorial Director Joe Carbonara, have decided on the general topics that we are going to cover in each issue of the coming year, planning can begin on the digital efforts and live events that are designed to amplify and enhance our editorial voice.

Careful consideration is given to research-driven editorial and e-blasts because we worry about list fatigue. We know that you want to hear from us because everyone on our email list has specifically asked to be included. What we will not do is take that interest for granted by overwhelming you with requests for information or too many emails.

That is also why our email and print subscriptions lists are not for sale or rent. We guard your information for what it is: our most important asset.

There are, of course, shortcuts to building a list. Lists can be bought or sold, bartered for and traded. We will occasionally rent a list to do an outreach to garner new subscribers as no one can boast 100% industry penetration, and it is vital for us to attract new readers and subscribers to replace the folks who retire or move on to other industries. But, by and large, our readers and subscribers have been earned the hard way, through consistent industry involvement and an unwavering commitment to unbiased quality editorial content creation.

So, as you peer into your own crystal ball and try to figure out what 2020 will look like for your business, we hope that you will continue to see us as a valuable resource, speaking to this underserved yet vital industry.