Roy Rogers Restaurants is coming to Long Island thanks to a franchise agreement with Burger Brothers Restaurant Group. 

A multi-brand franchise developer with locations throughout Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens, Burger Brothers plans to open seven new Roy Rogers restaurants in Queens, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

The company plans to open its first Roy Rogers location on Long Island in the fall of 2019. “We haven’t had a location on Long Island in many years, and we’ve received many requests from devoted fans to return,” says Jim Plamondon, co-owner of Roy Rogers Franchise Company LLC. “A year from now, we’ll be answering those requests with a brand-new site.”

Long Island’s last Roy Rogers closed in November 2010. The company has 24 company-owned restaurants and 29 franchised restaurants across six states. Roy Rogers Restaurants has opened new and renovated sites in Maryland, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia primarily through franchising.