Look for the winners in the pages of the January/February issue. The quality of this year’s submissions thoroughly impressed our editors. It seems that each year, as the anticipation surrounding these awards grows, participants continue to step up their efforts to wow our esteemed panel of judges with thoughtfully crafted entries that accurately reflect the care that goes into each of their projects.

And that really is the point from our perspective. Sure, giving awards and recognizing hard work is gratifying in and of itself. But the real objective for us is to use this competition to create great content for you, our reader. restaurant development + design strives to continually provide you with fresh thinking that will serve as a catalyst for your own great ideas, shape the projects that you are working on or dreaming of, and energize you and your collaborators to reach new heights in problem solving and design.

With those lofty goals in mind, check out the products issue of rd+d equally useful. It is filled with innovative products that may provide an answer to a problem you face or start you on the path to finding your own unique solution to a new, award-winning design.

The central idea behind rd+d is sharing ideas, peer-to-peer learning and the thoughtful exchange of best practices. Don’t be shy about reaching out to let us know about your awesome projects for 2019!