Bennigan's among chains trimming franchise fees. 

Smoothie King.

The 40th anniversary promotion offers new franchisees 40 percent off of the initial franchisee fee, a savings of $10,000, for the first 40 new agreements of 2013.

Red Mango.

The Pioneer Program rewards rapid multiunit development. If a franchisee develops 2 Pioneer stores within 12 months of signing, the franchise fee for each is $12,500; develop 3 stores within 18 months, the fee for each is $10,000. Regular franchise fees are $35,000 for the first store and $30,000 for subsequent units. The new program also cuts royalty fees in half to 3 percent for the first 2 years a store is open.


The casual dining chain will waive the franchise fee for all qualified and honorably discharged veterans for a total savings of approximately $35,000.


The New & Emerging Market program enables new franchisees to save up to $1 million by developing 4 restaurants in new and emerging markets. Savings include reductions on initial fees, royalty rates, marketing fees, market planning fees, training costs and development fees.


Its graduated discount program targets new franchisees for multiunit development. The initial $30,000 franchise fee drops to $20,000 for the first new restaurant and to $10,000 for a second one. The fee can be waived entirely for the third and additional units. Also, the first $20,000 in royalties can be waived for each unit opened.


Its initial $25,000 franchise fee is waived for qualified, honorably
discharged U.S. veterans in certain target markets, including California and Florida.