Rusty Taco, the casual taco chain invested in by Buffalo Wild Wings last year has changed its name to R Taco as a way to broaden its appeal amidst new expansion plans, execs announced.

Co-founded in 2010 by current CEO Steve Dunn, the Texas-based, nine-unit fast-casual chain drew a majority investment in August 2014 from the chicken wing giant, which also helped R Taco streamline its logo.

"Shortening the name to R Taco still provides a link to co-founder Rusty Fenton's legacy while the phonetic play on 'R' sounding like 'our' is friendly and welcoming, like the spirit of the brand," Dunn said in a statement. "As we grow the business and expand beyond its Dallas roots, we wanted to ensure the concept name had broader appeal while still linking to the brand's heritage."

R Taco specializes in street-style tacos made with fresh ingredients and fast, affordable food paired with craft beer and margaritas served in a friendly and fun atmosphere. The nine current locations include restaurants in Dallas, Denver and Minneapolis/St. Paul, plus one food truck, and the company has announced plans for aggressive expansion.

As part of a strategy to partner with emerging restaurant concepts that have the potential for significant growth, Buffalo Wild Wings not only bought into R Taco, but it also has a minority investment in Los Angeles-based PizzaRev, a growing fast-casual pizza chain.