A variety of aesthetic trends are moving the needle on rd+d reader projects, per a pulse survey the magazine fielded in August.

Bright colors and bold statement pieces were tops according to 37% of respondents. This is an increase from last year when 26.53% survey respondents said bright colors and bold statements were moving the needle on their projects.

Another 32% of survey respondents noted that biophilic design elements that bring the natural world inside are trending. This is a decline from 2021 when 42.86% of readers named biophilic design as their top aesthetic trend.

Luxe, glam and art deco came in a distant third with just 11% of respondents. That’s a decline from 15.65% of survey takers in 2021.

Finally, 20% of respondents answered “other” and those answers included variations on the following: “following our own internal design standards,” “comforting, relaxed and safe,” and “clean looks.”

rd+d’s ongoing research project periodically surveys qualified subscribers on the state of restaurant development and design. This survey was fielded in early August 2022.