Located in the historical center of Lviv, the 13,939-square-foot MAD Bars House spans six stories, offering five bars and restaurants under one roof. The hook? The higher the floor, the higher the alcohol percentage in the beverages the staff serve.

Drawing on local culture and tradition, the visual story is one of liquor, jazz, pleasure and magic. Each floor offers up a different bar, but they all share a common color scheme and stylistic elements. Some brick walls were left partially uncovered to highlight the aesthetic value of the old building, which dates, in part, to the late 17th century. 

A staircase leads guests from the first-floor pub to the second-floor wine bar to the third-floor restaurant to the fifth-floor classic American-style bar to the sixth-floor Ukrainian-style mixology bar. As for the fourth floor? That’s reserved for the kitchen. Guests can also just take the elevator. 

Images courtesy of Yevhenii Avramenko