Located in an iconic building, 1Q1 Kitchen and Bar, designed by Khosla Associates Architecture + Interior Design, offers Japanese and Peruvian cuisine in an art deco building that dates to the 1930s.

 SP 7967 EditedAccent walls were cast in corrugated cement with a green oxide pigment. The flooring design was created with a bold mix of local gray Sadarahalli granite and black Cuddapah stone. Columns were clad in sheets of mild steel and then lacquered.

The dramatic, vaulted space features a color scheme that consists of deep red, peacock green, blue and olive. Seating in the 8,200-square-foot restaurant is a mix of booths and tables as well as sofas for lounging.

1Q1 3

1Q1 is a culmination of heady influences. The cultures and styles span various genres to create a unique aesthetic that has the ability to transform from a light-filled casual eatery during the day to a potent, high-energy bar and performance space at night.

 SP 9773 Edited 2Designers capitalized on the art deco character of the building by integrating an arched colonnade into the existing fenestration and painting it a deep red that recalls the High Court of Karnataka that was once located in the same precinct.

Images courtesy of Shamanth Patil J.