Murals can be a simple backdrop or a dramatic focal point. In the age of Instagram, a well-lit mural can be an iconic brand image. We rounded up a few of our favorite Instagrammable murals from across the globe to provide some inspiration.

MamaSan, Bali, Indonesia

MamaSan’s downstairs dining area mixes grand and intimate with the use of a custom mural.


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Mister Tuna
, Denver, Colo.

A wall of windows on one side and an open kitchen on the other, the room stops at a large black and white mural of a girl’s pout.


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Cocotte Milano
, Milan

The clean but cozy rustic white bakery-cafe has a splash of summer year-round with the addition of a pink floral mural.

Le Monde Tapas
, Kristiansand, Norway

A bustling restaurant specializing in Spanish shared plates, Le Monde Tapas’s main dining room is anchored by a mural of a bull.

, New York City

Vandal’s “Secret Garden” room in New York has dramatic lighting to highlight its street art-inspired murals.

The Haymaker
, Raleigh, N.C.

Inspired by fighters and rappers of the 1990s, this Raleigh bar is a mix of fun and sophistication and features a mural that hearkens back to classical paintings.