Discover the importance of open kitchens in creating memorable, streamlined restaurant operations. With a few small and mighty pieces of equipment, restaurants can create a compact, ventless kitchen that appeals to customers and streamlines operations.Traditionally, these two halves of the same restaurant coin have been designated as separate operations, divided by walls and unseen by the customers. However, newer trends in dining tear down the walls such that customers can see how the two halves work together to create the dining experience customers expect. Making these changes in the restaurant may also require rethinking equipment choices, which is beneficial to the modernization of the restaurant.

Small Commercial Kitchen Equipment

To create the space that opens into the dining area, kitchen equipment that is compact and takes up less footprint is ideal for streamlining the kitchen area. Doing so allows customers to get a clearer view of professional chefs preparing their meals. Small kitchen equipment that does the heavy work of larger kitchen equipment is key.

One option is Alto-Shaam’s latest Converge® Multi-Cook Oven. This new piece of cooking technology is more than just a commercial countertop oven. It has the capability to broil, steam, bake and air fry up to three different food items in independent chambers simultaneously. Customers watching from the dining space are surprised to see all the foods coming out of the same oven and cooked to perfection.

Ventless Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen spaces are shrinking, and in some operations, nonexistent. As costs continue to rise, operators now have to do more with less space, working to save money on building costs, monthly rent, labor and overhead.

As a solution to their space challenges, operators are discovering ventless cooking equipment. Ventless equipment provides added flexibility in terms of kitchen design. Operators are able to place this equipment anywhere outside of a traditional kitchen hood—maximizing floor space while improving efficiency and workflow.

In addition to being compact, Converge is completely ventless, making it ideal to place on a counter for an open kitchen. Customers can watch as food is made while employees and chefs put food in and take it out to serve.

Managing Menus

The front of the house manages the point-of-service ordering systems and the menu modifications equipment. When it comes to the back-of-the-house, it’s ideal to have an oven management system that is just as seamless and programmable for the greatest consistency no matter who is cooking.

Chefs and operators can create, manage and push recipes, regional menus, limited-time offers and more using ChefLinc™. This cloud-based remote oven and cooking management system features an easy-to-use dashboard for operators to push and pull recipes, view oven status, collect and store data and receive detailed service diagnostics from anywhere they are.  This reduces variables for error and ensures consistency in the kitchen and across multiple locations.

Appealing Heated Displays

Operating a modern restaurant means that customers will be placing orders with the option of taking it to go. Heated shelf merchandisers from Alto-Shaam are an ideal front-of-house solution for a grab-and-go display area. It allows preparation of commonly requested menu items or pickup and delivery orders, while holding at the ideal temperature and without degrading food quality. Customers can see the food items they ordered or would like to buy from this commercial countertop food warmer.

Complete Front-Of-House Systems

In terms of front-of-house commercial kitchen equipment, compact and ventless systems with the power, performance, and attractive design can elevate the dining experience while streamlining operations.

To learn more about complete, innovative kitchen solutions from Alto-Shaam, explore their on-demand library of webinars.