Part art, part science, menu boards and signage serve as important communication tools in a restaurant — QSR and fast-casual operations, in particular.

Exterior signage helps to draw guests in, and, once inside or at the drive-thru, menu boards and promotional signage play multiple roles: They spell out the menu offerings and convey basic ingredient information; through smart menu engineering, they can help drive up check averages; they contribute to a brand’s graphic identity; and they can add extra merchandising sizzle for special LTOs and deals.

From the materials used to the fonts, photos and graphics they carry, carefully consider and craft every aspect of these tools to align with the total brand experience. At the same time,
the signage and menu boards must be clear and easy to read to keep the order-placement line moving quickly.

Common mistakes to avoid when purchasing and installing menu boards, according to Adam Limbach, vice president of brand communications at Chute Gerdeman, Columbus, Ohio, include:

  • Failing to consider placement. Customers should be able to read signage without having to lift their heads outside of a normal “cone of vision.”
  • Making it hard to read by cramming too much in, not considering flow and/or choosing a font that’s tough for many guests to read.
  • Selecting an option that’s not flexible enough, that doesn’t accommodate multiple dayparts well or that is too complicated for franchisees to operate.Technology, of course, continues to change the game. The flexibility and enhanced customer experiences they can provide make digital menu boards an exciting option. But restaurants should carefully research their options before going digital, Limbach suggests.

lg1Ultra-Stretch Display Signage

The 88BH7D signage format from LG features a 32:9 stretch wide-screen aspect ratio plus Ultra HD 4K resolution. The Ultra-Stretch 88BH7D is suitable for use in numerous restaurant and bar designs.      

LG Electronics USA Inc.

hanoverCustomizable A Frame

The versatile, 23.5-by-39-inch chalkboard A-frame sidewalk sign is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Increase bar or restaurant brand exposure and keep patrons up to date on daily specials and seasonal offerings with this on-premises promotional product — chalk included. The high-quality laminated wood frame features a rustic finish, and the chalkboard panel can be direct printed with your operation’s logo.

Hanover Branding

q line store hrEasy-to-Manage HD Displays

The Q-Line of HD professional displays provides signage that’s easy to set up with no additional hardware, per the maker. The Q-Line’s command and control feature allows users to manage, maintain and play content through a single interface. The displays are ready to wake from standby mode to play the content users want, then return to standby when playback is done.

Philips Professional Display Solutions

spectrio menu boards 2Digital Menu Boards

Custom digital menu boards help operators promote specials, cross-sell and upsell key menu items. Graphics drive company branding while informing and engaging guests. Make updates and price changes in real time, or schedule content to run on specific days or at specific times. Spectrio can also create franchise-level digital menu boards that allow for corporate messaging and uniformity with location-based customization.