Sub Zero Ice Cream, a liquid nitrogen ice cream franchise, continues its growth nationwide with a new flagship corporate headquarters, training center and test kitchen in downtown Provo, Utah.

The location will serve as the company’s home base, model store prototype and testing ground for continued menu experimentation.

The shop’s newly unveiled store prototype features upgrades, such as a new countertop with inset bowls to allow ice cream to be frozen and scooped in the same location, freezer cases showcasing a new line of liquid nitrogen ice cream cakes and pies, and high-definition electronic menu boards featuring updated brand imagery.

Sub Zero serves made-to-order -321 degree liquid nitrogen treats, which take about two minutes to create using a patented, flash-freezing process to ensure the ice crystals are miniscule, resulting in a creamy product.

Sub Zero has 51 domestic stores open, as well as locations in China and the United Arab Emirates.