Twisted ExteriorWetzel’s Pretzels will launch a new concept called Twisted by Wetzel’s. Images courtesy of Wetzel’s PretzelsLooking to unlock new development opportunities for the company, Wetzel’s Pretzels will launch a new concept that promises to provide guests with a “bigger, bolder, more imaginative expression of Wetzel’s” to neighborhood locations starting in California. Twisted by Wetzel’s will provide guests with “a vibrant, immersive, 360-degree experience,” the chain said in a statement.

The restaurant design for Twisted by Wetzel’s will feature a bright, energetic interior that “matches the brand’s fun, playful persona." The restaurants will also feature an open kitchen. The optimal site for Twisted by Wetzel’s will measure roughly 1,200 square feet and will have a strong street presence. The locations will also be able to accommodate both indoor and outdoor dining.

“We’ve shown our ability to adapt to a variety of flexible formats, and the addition of Twisted by Wetzel’s helps us to unlock a powerful new pathway for expansion. Adding storefront locations to our portfolio allows us to bring pretzels to the people, wherever they are,” says Jon Fischer, chief development officer at Wetzel’s.

Twisted InteriorTwisted by Wetzel’s will feature a unique menu of savory and sweet items that will target the millennial and Gen Z demographics.Twisted by Wetzel’s will also feature a unique menu of savory and sweet items that will target, in part, the millennial and Gen Z demographics. Some menu items include: Twistz, twisted and braided pretzel dough stuffed with cheese and sprinkled with toppings; Dogz, an all-beef hot dog served several ways with a variety of toppings and sauces; Loaded Bitz, sweet and savory pretzel bites topped with a variety of items and Pretzel Chimney Cakes, pretzel dough, rolled in sugar crystals and filled with creamy soft serve.

“Building upon our legacy, we’re reimagining how and where these twisty treats are enjoyed. By bringing an innovative menu and engaging in-store experience to neighborhood locations, we’re making pretzels more fun and more accessible than ever before,” says Kim Freer, chief marketing officer.