Gen Z consumers favor all-day breakfast meal concepts, according to market research firm Y-Pulse’s School Meal Innovation Lab Initiative, and they like three concepts in particular. 

In the study, 900 K-12 students evaluated 10 new menu concepts that met school meal nutritional requirements and were created by a team of chefs and dietitians. The study's participants evaluated the menu concepts through photographs and menu descriptions but did not know that these meals met school foodservice guidelines.

 Here are three key takeaways about Gen Z consumers' high expectations for breakfast:


If it's portable, it's lovable. Consumers surveyed between the ages of 8 and 18 showed that they consistently liked items that are easy to eat on the go.

Healthy Halo

Along with enjoying foods they deem both familiar and adventurous, Gen Z consumers show inclination towards foods that they perceive as healthy. All of the top menu concepts in the study included ingredients that were easy to identify and were perceived to be healthy. The ingredients were also clearly communicated in menu names and descriptions.

Familiar with a Twist

The study's respondents like familiar ingredients presented with a culinary twist.