Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, opened its first Nutella Cafe on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, across from tourist hotspot Millennium Park and not too far from other branded food tourist destinations from confectioners like Hershey’s and Ghirardelli.

The restaurant offers dine-in and to-go options featuring the chocolate hazelnut spread. Exclusive menu items include warm, grilled baguettes with Nutella, fresh-roasted hazelnut and blueberry granola with yogurt and Nutella, and Italian specialties like Panzanella fruit salad, and Gelato Affogato, a tasty dollop of Fior di Latte topped with Nutella.

The restaurant also offers several dishes without the hazelnut spread, including a selection of savory dishes such as paninis, salads and other unique specialties.

“We wanted to create a world of Nutella for our fans that could truly capture the essence of the brand – not just in the dishes that will be served, but in the full experience from the moment you step into the space,” said Noah Szporn, head of marketing Nutella North America.