Spanning two floors and 1,000 square feet, D’Two States is a fusion restaurant that offers traditional and original takes on two states in India: Maharashtra and Punjab. The menu reflects the culinary best of both, while the design seeks to celebrate the cultural identities of both.

The restaurant’s design divides the space into two sides, with Maharashtrian culture showcased on the left and Punjabi on the right. At the entrance, guests are greeted by a cherry red arched doorway hand painted with tribal art that originated in Maharashtra as well as motifs of Phulkari, a traditional embroidery technique from the Punjab region.

Inside, the stark white interior is decorated with traditional artifacts and graphics that are meant to both grab the attention of guests and set the tone for an authentic experience. On the left, the walls are adorned with backlit laser-cut panels depicting forms of Warli art with a traditional Maharashtrian Paithani saree in red and green providing a dramatic centerpiece — a true symbol of the spirit of the culture. Meanwhile, the right wall offers an abstract form of backlit laser-cut Phulkari art and a draped white-and-gold Lucknowi saree among three traditional Punjabi turbans.